1800 years ago the world was almost destroyed. Now a new darkness rises to finish the job…

The Planet of Toril was once covered by prosperous and advanced civilizations, who used magic at a whim to create a world of comfort and security.

1800 years ago that world came crashing down, as magic itself vanished. Almost all who walked Toril’s surface perished in the resulting calamity. Cities crumbled. Oceans receded. Voids spanning entire kingdoms were rent in the surface of the world. All who knew and channeled magic burnt out and fell as lifeless husks.

In the centuries since, those who remained have had to find a new way to survive without their precious magic. Evolution has now led Toril’s people down a different path – the path of technology.

Thus began the time of Steam. It became a time of the Sword and Shield. A time of the Cog and Gear. A time of Bullets and Explosives. Toril continued on its return to a new era of prosperity.

But now, with the re-emergence of magic in recent decades, the balance of the world is once again thrown into turmoil.

All the while something dark lurks in the shadows, biding it’s time…

Clockwork War is a D&D 4e Campaign loosely based on Forgotten Realms with some Steampunk thrown in for good measure, the technology level of Toril is that of Earth in the 1860’s

This game ceased active play December 2009.

Clockwork War

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