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The world of Toril in Clockwork War is loosely based on the Forgotten Realms, but with a few important differences; which can mostly be summed up in ten points.

  1. Approximately 1860 years have passed since the previous Forgotten Realms campaign. The date is currently 1862 AS (After Spellplague)
  2. The Spellplague had a devastating effect on the world of Toril. 98% of the world’s population was slain. Vast swathes of land vanished, most notably the Dwarven homelands. The cause of the Spellplague in this world is not known.
  3. The Spellplague also had a devastating effect on the development of magic. Magic simply ceased to function after the Spellplague; both arcane and divine. This world of Toril spent the 1360 years after the Spellplague developing without any form of magic at all.
  4. Technology has advanced. Due to the long development time without magic, the world of Toril’s technology level is now roughly the equivalent of Earth in the 1860’s. If it existed in 1862 on Earth as a rule it will probably exist on Toril. This includes railroads, electric lighting, tractors, revolvers, magazine fed single shot rifles and the potato chip!
  5. The Gods have fallen silent since the Spellplague. Divine magic returned about 500 years ago, produced by the faithful who managed to retain the Gods teachings. They found it is no longer directly bestowed upon the faithful by the Gods, it now comes from within the faithful as a result of their belief in their God. Any attempts to directly or indirectly communicate with the deities fails. (This applies to many divine rituals for example)
  6. Arcane magic returned only 50 years ago. Arcane magic began to manifest randomly at first through sorcerers and the like. Others began to consult old lost tomes of knowledge, to eventually create the first of this new world’s wizards. Only people born within the last 50 years can manipulate magic, no matter how much they study.
  7. The Warforged have awoken. Differing visually from other settings the Warforged are magical constructs made of metal, wood, cogs, gears and advanced arcane components. 50 years ago these sentient machines awoke in various ancient ruins with no memory of their past, and are now trying to find a place in the world.
  8. Toril now consists of just five kingdoms. The devastating Spellplague meant Toril is now divided into 5 kingdoms; An Bruin, Nartimor, Chult, Zil and Thay.
  9. Thay is the source of a terrible undead threat. The spellplague had a devastating effect on the various arcane defensive measures the Red Wizards had in place 1680 years ago, turning everyone living there into the living dead. The land is rumored to be under the rule of Szass Tam, an immortal being of immense power.
  10. Many of the more mythical creatures are now just myths. Creatures like Dragons and Beholders have not been seen in the world since the Spellplague. Other more common monstrous creatures such as Goblins, Ogres and Bulettes are not an every-day occurrence but are still known to all.

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