Leader of the South Forest goblins


PLEASE NOTE: Artwork by Eric


The leader of the South Forest goblins to the south of Loudwater. His band is known to be a trouble to the Grey Vale region. They are well-known for retreating back to the South Forest where they seem nigh-impossible to find.

Due to a mis-communication with a captive (possibly deliberate) he was initially thought to be a goblin, upon confrontation revealed to be a hobgoblin of very considerable size and strength. He was wearing magical black iron plate armour, which was wickedly spiked. He also had a crude but very powerful mechanical arm in the place of one of his natural arms. It was capable of dealing fearsome attacks, and Sinruth himself seemed to almost relish pain and damage.

Sinruth was finally slain by Jim. After smashing Jim into unconsciousness, Sinruth had turned his attention elsewhere. Ten seconds later the vicious blood-drenched halfling had been healed and was twisting his blade into Sinruth’s vitals. Mad with bloodlust, it was some time before Jim’s blade ceased stabbing the foul hobgoblin.

The party found a note which appears to indicate that Sinruth was being commanded by the Dragonborn, who planned the Loudwater raid specifically to retrieve Torvan and other slaves.


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