Clockwork War

PC’s Present:

At last, the heroes finally fight and slay the Green Dragon Caustrex. They retrieve the Prime Core, Finn’s Sword and the beast’s hoard. They also catch a glimpse of the Disciple of Thoon, a Drow who has been cybernetically improved using highly advanced clockwork technology.

As the heroes prepare to enter the dragon’s lair a Watersoul Genasi bard stealthily approaches the clearing and greets them. Targus has been sent by Kalri to aid them, and is prepared to help them rid the Feywild of the vicious beast.

As the party prepares to climb the water slicked cliff, they spy a small cave just below the waterfall. Judging from the tracks Kobolds use this small entrance. After a tight squeeze and some muttered curses the band eventually find themselves on a narrow ledge above what smells like some sort of liquid garbage dump. The rotten, fetid odor hampers their abilities as they edge around the stinking morass. They are about halfway around th epond when two tentacled Otyugh emerge from the filth and attack the heroes. Although both Reverence and Tick Tock end up in the stinking sewerage, the two beasts are dispatched without too much noise or difficulty.

The band advances deeper into the network of tunnels, pausing briefly only to wash in the rapid waters of the waterfall’s stream on a higher level. They hear the high pitched voices of kobolds approaching and lay an ambush for them in a narrow corridor. The plan is executed perfectly and all eight of the reptiles fall in the first round of combat, unable to even offer an attack.

The sound of the battle draws another 16 kobolds, and in the general mellee 2 dragonborn are also drawn into the fight. One of these Dragonborn is a Hunter, wielding a +1 Axe of Vanguard and is clothed in +1 Barkskin Armour. His companion is wielding twin Khopesh with ruthless efficiency and wearing Darkleaf armour. The heroes hastily scoops up the magical loot, as Tick Tock unsuccessfully tries to trick three Dragonforged guarding a door in the next room into lowering their guard. Once the wreckage has settled Tick Tock takes great delight in removing a Delvers Light from the forehead of one of the Dragonforged – a magical light seemingly designed just for the Warforged.

The party continues to infiltrate the dragon’s lair, as they near it’s lair they can hear a conversation taking place. The voice of Caustrex can be easily placed, she is arguing with a soft spoken person who is identified as the Disciple of Thoon. It appears Caustrex was not quite as devoted to the cause as her letter to Sinruth had led them to believe. Instead it becomes clear it was a much more mercenary agreement, she was being paid for her services, and is trying to extort more payment from the Disciple for the Prime Core. There are several surprising facts revealed in this conversation; The first is that Caustrex is actually female. The second is that she is not devoted to the cause of Thoon. thirdly the Dragonforged are being provided by the followers of Thoon, she does not seem to have the technological understanding we had expected. Finally the Dragonborn serving her are somehow “hatched” from her eggs by the followers of Thoon in a process she doesn’t seem to understand or took part in. As the conversation devolves into petty haggling the party decides to bust in.

They are confronted by a most peculiar scene. For a start the room itself is dripping with poison, swirling pillars of poisonous thorned vines stretch fromt he ceiling to the floor. In the centre of the room itself is a raised dais, a nest of poisonous thorns the dragon herself is resting on. And there on the edge of the dais is a (relatively) diminutive figure seemingly elfen in build. Although it’s size is dwarfed by the wyrm, nevertheless power exudes from the figure such that it is clear had the wyrm not hidden the Core he would be retrieving it from her torn carcass.

The disciple of Thoon’s features are buried beneath a thick hood. But it becomes clear that this is a dark skinned elf of some sort (drow are not known in Toril or the Feywild). But what is more peculiar is the highly sophisticated cybernetic enhancements he sports, the most striking of which are it’s deep red glowing eyes. These enhancements are far more advanced than any technology seen in the Feywild or Toril. Even the Dragonforged does not display such intricate and precise clockwork mechanisms.

Without hesitation, the party rushes to the attack. Most of the party focuses on the wyrm. For a brief moment it seems Reverence is about to land a solid hit on the Drow but although his arrow would strike even the strongest of past foes, the drow dodges the arrow with ease. Thankfully it is at this point the drow declares that it will depart and seek the Core of the victor, probably assuming whoever is left over will be weaker and easier to intimidate. With barely an effort the Disciple disappears – it is unclear whether the dark elf has teleported or simply became invisible – (although he does later imply he was not present for the battle).

The battle with the wyrm is a frustrating one. Caustrex is too wily to be pinned down in one spot, and uses her lair’s poisonous obstacles to full advantage. Tick Tock & Ashar in particular have trouble getting to the beast in time to do more than a cursory charge. Fortunately the rest of the party is not similarly hampered. Reverence in particular takes a great toll on the beast. It is Bigby though who lands the final blow.

Once the wyrm lies dead the heroes rejoice, Tick Tock and Bigby take trophies from the beast. The wyrm’s hoard is not hard to locate, a massive rock is all that seals it from the heroes, and Tick Tock clears the rock aside with a mighty heave on his first attempt. Inside the alcove the heroes find riches, perfumes and gold. Amongst the hoard is also the Prime Core and Finn’s Sword.



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