Clockwork War

Session 7

I can't see my house from up here...

PC’s Present:

The Party is set upon in the night by a new type of Dragonborn. The heroes assault the Cursed Tree for the second time and fight their way to the top of the strange construct.

Trekking 30 minutes or so away from the Cursed Tree the party settles down for the night to rest and recuperate for a renewed assault the next morning. The party foolishly makes no efforts to conceal their tracks, perhaps believing the Dragonborn will be too depleted to mount a counter-offensive. About mid way through the first watch two seed pods thunk into the tiny clearing. Reverence and Tick Tock are on watch; they approach the pods cautiously, at first not understanding the nature of the threat. It is only when the pods start to rock and shake that the pair take the items as a threat (albeit a natural one). Reverence takes a shot at one, leaving Tick Tock to wake the others, in the spirit of efficiency Tick Tock opens up with an Assault Rifle on full-auto doing both. The pods split out into a strange writhing mess of thorned tentacles. It doesn’t take the party too long to start to get the better of these things when it finally becomes clear that the party is being assaulted from an assailant hidden in the trees above. A clear note sounds from high in the trees in the same instant a shot rings out on those below, narrowly missing one of the heroes.

At the strange whistling summons from above two Drake Hounds come crashing through the growth to assault the still weary party, as they turn their attention from the vined horrors, to the shadowy Dragonborn assailant above, back to the vicious Drake Hounds charging into them. Another shot rings out scoring a terrible blow upon Ashar. Although the battle does slow down somewhat as the heroes lose their momentum and struggle to regain it, they are nonetheless triumphant. Upon closer investigation it is shown this Green Dragonborn is slightly different from the others; not as weak as the minions, and not as stout as the cleric or soldier, this Dragonborn Hunter appears to fill the role of ranger for the Dragonborn. Weary from the lack of sleep and the days battles the heroes decide to settle down to rest once more, too weary to even move camp. Luckily the remainder of the night is uneventful.

The heroes once more assault the Cursed Tree’s entrance. The Dragonborn have worked through the night to set up more two more trenches and barricades to guard the entrance. We assault from the side and using area attacks turn their formations against them. The eight minions guarding the trenches die almost immediately. The two soldier Green Dragonborn and the cleric are slightly more of a hurdle but they don’t slow the Party down significantly.

We finally get a chance to examine the Cursed Tree. It appears that this is actually a Toril based structure that was teleported to the Feywild during the Spellplague, similar to the laboratory we discovered not long ago. It also appears to have been the work of the same man, as the name Von Kallah feature prominently on signage inside the building. At some point a giant tree has grown around the tower, sort of like a strangler fig, with the tower at it’s centre.

The lower level of the tower itself is empty, discarded bedding litters the room. It is clear that this ancient tower used to be some sort of machine. As we go up the stairs we see broken pieces of machinery like cogs, gears and vacuum tubes – which appear to be part of the tower itself. There doesn’t seem to be any intermediate floors – the bulk of the tower is taken up by it’s mechanical innards. It takes us a very long time to ascend to the top of the tower/tree by stairs; for a modern real world equivalent the Empire State by stairs would be similar. After almost an hour the heroes finally approach the floor below the roof.

(Brief notes, will fill out later)

Hearing noise from the 2nd last floor, Bigby, Reverence, and Truceus approach with stealth. They successfully sneak up on the Dragonborn Lieutenant and his underlings – springing to the attack they manage to kill many of the underlings before the Dragonborn even know they are being attacked. Unfortunately when the room is entered there are a few more Dragonborn than we had expected, nonetheless these underlings aren’t really a problem, and the Lieutenant doesn’t put up much of a fight either. With a quick search for loot, the heroes ascend to the upper level.

There they are confronted with a strange scene. A burly Dragonborn Boss proclaims in broken common that “You have done your part”, as he backhands Torvan into a corner, as two Dragonborn Lieutenants look on. Torvan weakly cries out “Don’t let them take the Core”. Obviously he is referring to a large glowing blue crystalline sphere, which appears to have been removed by Torvan from the focal point of this strange tower and/or tree. Before slipping into unconsciousness. A terrifying silhouette swoops over, as Caustrex witnesses the battle, we later find it is being held at bay by some form of magical field around the tower-top.



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