Clockwork War

PC’s Present:
  • Tick Tock the Paladin (Warforged)
  • Ashar the Swordmage (Genasi)
  • Truceus the Cleric (Elf)
  • Reverence the Ranger (Tiefling)
  • Riaden the Wizard (Eladrin) – retiring
  • Bigby the Druid (Shifter) – intro’d later

Riaden retires, Jim is left behind and Bigby joins the party. The party meets the Genasi and assaults the Cursed Tree (for the first time).

Riaden announces his intention is to leave the group and travel to Waterdeep. He hopes to come up with a practical application of the schematic we recovered for producing Residuum. Before Riadan leaves, we decide to see Riadan’s mentor Curuvar “The Brazen” about our recent trip into the other world.

Curuvar turns out to be of help, but only in the most general sense. He confirms the theoretical existence of other worlds. He gives us the name Feywild for the other world, apparently there are stories mentioning it long ago. He also tells us of the wonders of the Portals of old, unfortunately their locations have been lost to time. He also has no idea how one would be able to locate a natural portal that has not been opened. While Curuvar is regaling the party with stories of old, Riaden takes advantage of his mentor’s equipment to copy the schematic we recovered on Residuum production, the party can now be left with a copy. Riaden then heads off to the train station on his way to Waterdeep.

After a bit of shopping the party heads out of the city and back through the portal. It is noted that sometime in the last day Jim has gotten himself in trouble with the law again, and will need to be left behind.

Once in the Feywild, the party is making it’s way to the giant tree, where we believe Torvan is being held, when we stumble across a skirmish in the forest. A large group of dragon people are getting the better of a strange cat-person and a half dozen (or so) of the elemental people we have heard about. We know the elemental people are regarded as enemies by the dragon people, so we leap to the attack on their behalf. Tick Tock announces the parties intention to slay only the dragon people as the battle is joined. One of the stoney rock-women mutters a curse at the Warforged, in the heat of the battle Tick Tock wastes no time in letting her know that if she steps out of line she’ll be joining the Dragonborn dead.

Truceus does far more here to impress these new people, healing a large group of the elemental people, saving them from certain death. Mopping up the rest of the dragon people our offer of sharing the booty is refused, these strange people seem adverse to using the dragon people’s equipment. We find a +1 Magic Dagger of Dueling on one of them as well as their firearms.

We have a brief conversation with the cat-person, who seemed able to shift from the body of a cat to the more normal looking hybrid form at will during the battle. After confirming that he isn’t a lycanthrope he introduces his name as Bigby. It comes up in the conversation that he worships Chauntea, one of Toril’s Lost Gods and that is the source of his power – it would appear Chauntea never departed this world (the presence of Chauntea clerics are also confirmed).

Meeting these elemental people now confirms for us that these are in fact Ashar’s people as we suspected, there is a hot tempered fire one among them with a very similar appearance to her. Apparently the fact that she was separated at an early age from her “clan” is enough for him to shun her as an outlander; obviously they are a very compassionate people. Ashar doesn’t seem too concerned, these people aren’t really impressing the party much so far. For a group whose lives we saved only a minute or two ago they don’t seem all that grateful. In fact the general impression we receive is they’d rather have their whole race wiped out than see more outlanders in “their” Feywild. A point of view we could understand if they were holding their own against the dragon people across the larger conflict, but apparently they are being soundly trounced there as well.

Kalri, the leader of the tribe of Genasi in the Feywild, Grey Vale region thanks us for our efforts and tells us a bit about who they are, what they’re doing and this world in general. Apparently she is the leader of her tribe, and is seeking to retrieve an ancient sword belonging to a Genasi hero, Finn who left about 20 years ago. Apparently he left them, warning of a dire threat to the land. Finn warned them they were too soft to stand against the threat, and left his sword as a reminder that if they wanted to survive they would need to prepare and become the warriors “they once were”. The sword was recently taken by the Dragonborn. Apparently the Genasi group were going to get it back and got their arses handed to them by the first group of Dragonborn they came across.

Kalri has now named our aggressors; the Dragonborn. She claims they are all evil, and confirms they worship a god called Thoon, she doesn’t seem to know anything about Thoon beyond that. She also tells us that according to their old tales the Warforged are all warriors in the Dragonborn army, explaining somewhat the enmity shown towards us at first meeting. She is under the impression the Dragonborn came from our world, a claim which appears blatantly false considering the Dragonborn were seen in Feywild thousands of years before they were encountered in Toril. She also claims Dwarvish is the ancient tongue of the evil Dragonborn (or perhaps their masters, it’s hard to tell from the very old tales she recounts). She confirms for us that Chauntea is an active god in this world, Tick Tock is initially quite excited. He hopes that there are Genasi devoted enough to come back through the portal to help spread the teachings of Chauntea, but apparently their xenophobia and general fear of anything new makes this extremely unlikely. It also becomes apparent they refuse to use any weapon or armour made of metal. The final kicker is that she tells us that Caustrex is in fact a green dragon, she is quite interested in seeing the letter from Caustrex which we retrieved. The party is VERY careful not to reveal the location or description of the portal to any of the Genasi or Bigby.

Kalri believes we can defeat Caustrex (although why we are trusting her martial judgment is perhaps best not explored); we decide that after we have rescued Torvan from the Cursed Tree (as the Genasi call it) that we should retrieve their ancient sword from the green dragon’s hoard, with Bigby’s help. In fact Tick Tock dramatically swears to aid them in their quest, perhaps seeking to prove to them that he is as honorable as they are.

With Bigby in tow, we leave the Genasi to return to their tribe, and make our way to the Cursed Tree. When we arrive we are confronted with a fortified enemy position. Complete with trenches, bunkers and sandbags the focal point of their defense appears to be a very large gun, which is fed bullets through some sort of belt (it’s a large gatling gun), and is manned by a Dragonborn trooper. Although we have never seen such an advanced firearm it’s purpose is somewhat obvious. The Tree is also protected by two Dragonborn mounted on rage drakes, one of which is climbing around the giant trunk, the other is patrolling the ground around the entrance.

The Dragonborn appeared to have cleared a dead-zone around the Cursed Tree. The opening of the Cursed Tree appears to be a door embedded inside the wood of the tree, whose surface has been hacked at until the door is revealed.

The party decides to send Bigby in as an innocuous animal, to sabotage the gatling gun before it can be fired. With a co-ordinated assault we should have no difficulty reaching him before he starts to run into trouble. The plan to disable the gun goes off without a hitch, Bigby gets a little too excited, and the gatling gun goes sailing across the battlefield. It doesn’t take long for the two mounted Dragonborn to notice the assault and join the battle. It doesn’t take us too long to defeat the unmounted Dragonborn, the party has quite a bit of trouble taking down the mounted opponents however. The battle really starts to slow when Dragonborn reinforcements come from the Cursed Tree and the party decides they need to expend their full reserves. Eventually the enemies have fallen, the party loots the Dragonborn. With their reserves mostly spent the party decides they will need to withdraw and re-group before tackling the Cursed Tree again.

670 xp per player



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