Clockwork War

PC’s Present:

The party encounters their first “dragon person”, and is introduced to some of their advanced weaponry.

We find Sinruth’s room a short distance away from where the brutish hobgoblin fell. We recover the other magic Gauntlet, which turn out to be a set of Gauntlets of Ogre Power. The brute appears to have hoarded some of his minions spoils too; 90 gold, 90 silver and 100cp in modern Toril coinage.

Amongst the Hobgoblin’s refuse is a letter penned in a scratchy hand. Signed from a mysterious “Caustrex” it seems to be congratulating and commanding him in equal measure. Considering how stupid the hobgoblin appeared we wonder how much of it Sinruth really understood. Caustrex’ letter to Sinruth

We decide to wake the goblin magic-user for some answers at this point. It turns out his name is Gobbo. He gives us a few chunks of useful information before we decide we’ve run him dry; obviously casting goblin magic doesn’t require a high intelligence. Now comes the inevitable argument of what do we do with the captive. The usual three arguments are present; The “he’s only a goblin, we should let him go”, the “he’s the enemy we should slay him right now”, and the “we should take him back and let someone else make these decisions”. Reverence the tiefling decides to kill him without waiting for a consensus, and succeeds in a single blow. One side assures the other side/s that killing a helpless goblin in cold blood is not an evil act because goblins are evil; which is kind of funny it’s pointed out – partially coming from a fiendish race. This worldview seems supported by the setting at large, so in the end everyone seems able to put it behind them and carry on.

We eventually come to an elaborate setup involving tiles on the floor that light up, and a hidden self-loading crossbow bolt mechanism. Riaden steps up and plays around a bit with a goblin corpse A-la Mage Hand and discovers the trap is rather deadly indeed. He uses his knowledge of magic to decipher the strange runes on the floor, and from there we quickly work out we have to spell out the name of Von Kallah before the trap is disarmed. It doesn’t take Jim long to pick the locked door on the other side. But unfortunately the room being guarded by the trap was nothing more than a records room. The long since decayed and mouldy records completely indecipherable without magical restoration. Even restoring a few pages doesn’t really seem to reveal any information worth while. We do manage to retrieve a schematic for harnessing the ancient Weave for manufacturing Residuum. Of course the Weave ceased to exist some 1800 years ago, but what the hey – we take it anyway, and re-set the trap again to keep the vermin out.

Following the directions of the deceased Gobbo the party presses forward to the section of the laboratory described as belonging to “the Green Scales”. This section appears well-kept and much cleaner then the goblin infested sections. We spend a little bit of time trying to sneak around before coming up against two of the Green Scales (dragonborn) and two Guard drakes. It is here we get our first glimpse of “advanced” technology. These draconic humanoid have rifles capable of firing a single shot, three rounds in a single burst, or a long burst firing an entire magazine. Quickly dispatching the guard drakes, and with numbers now on our side we press the attack and overcome the enemy. The rifles are much bulkier than our own simple instruments, sporting bulky mechanical workings to provide their automatic fire. They are also much heavier than our simple rifles and seem to overheat relatively easily if fired on full auto. Nevertheless we are very impressed with this example of technology far superior to our own – we call them Clockwork Rifles.

Taking only a minute or two to rest we press onto the next room looking for a quiet defensible place to rest and study these wonderful firearms, unfortunately the next room too, is crawling with enemies. Two important looking “Green Scales” (dragonborn) and four kobolds all stand around cheering while watching small creatures fight each other in small cages (giant insects and dire rats we later find out). We press the attack, our ranged fighters singling out the Green Scale on the dais that appears kitted out similar to a cleric of our own world. thanks mainly due to a very well-aimed shot by Reverence we manage to slay the presumed cleric before he manages to utter a word. The rest of the fight doesn’t go quite as smoothly. An alarm is shortly called and another four kobolds charge into the room accompanied by another two Green Scales with assault rifles. It doesn’t take much to power through the kobolds, but we find the important looking Green Scale with the green painted armour quite challenging indeed. Fortunately the assault rifles in the hands of the guards prove more fatal to the kobolds surrounding us than ourselves. We eventually manage to take them all down and recover for our troubles another two assault rifles, a pair of Boots of Adept Charging, a Pocket of Holding and a +1 Holy Symbol of Life (in the form of a mace).

Once the sound of battle fades we eventually notice faint cries from the next room. We find a makeshift cell containing 22 captive women, well over the number taken from Loudwater. Furthermore, some of them are wearing strange yellow desert wraps from far off Vaarda Evereska, which is on the other side of the world from Loudwater! It would appear there is another portal somewhere near there. The only details we can get out of the captives is that this portal is in a cave. It’s terminus in the other world is somewhere to the North East of Von Kallahs lab; the captives were all unconscious when they were led into the cave on the Vaarda Evereska side. They also don’t know what time they were led through the portal.

Having cleared the laboratory of Von Kallah we make our slow way back to Loudwater, with the 22 women in tow. We are awarded the gold due to us for the recovery of the Loudwater women, and the foreigners are put onto a steam train back to their city courtesy of the good Lady Moonfire. Captain Harryleaf seems surprised but joyed that we have returned safely, despite his (and our) prophecies of Doom.

377 XP per player



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