Clockwork War

Session 4

Aren't you a little big for a goblin?

PC’s Present:

The party finally faces Sinruth, leader of the goblin tribe that took part in the raid on Loudwater.

The party awakens in the locker room just in time to notice some sort of disturbance above. It sounds like someone is trying to break into the locker room. The situation gets very tense; weapons and spells are readied, before someone notices the two figures sound like they are muttering in Elven. A quick but tense negotiation reveals the two are Truceus and Reverence. They have been sent by Captain Harryleaf to aid the party. The two newcomers are eventually welcomed without suspicion, and the new party continues it exploration.

Backtracking to the ettercap room, the party listens at the double-doors to the next room. Thanks to Truceus’ keen senses, a large amount of goblin activity is detected, as well the muted growls of some sort of reptiles. Once Jim deftly picks the lock, it is found the doors are barred. Tick Tock rashly offers to smash in the door. The massive construct takes a few steps back and plows into the door. Completely misjudging the strength of the door he crumples to the floor in a dazed heap. Reverence calmly steps past him and smashes the double doors off their hinges in one kick.

Down a small corridor awaits 1 nervous hobgoblin and a Guard Drake, a smaller cousin of the rage drakes we encountered the previous day. In this small room is also a spiral staircase leading downwards. The little bugger calls out an alarm, and although the party manages to paste him and his reptilian hound. Four more hobgoblins and another guard drake come pouring up the stairs. One of the enterprising bastards has a shotgun, which leaves Tick Tock hurting on two occasions, but the shotgun-toting hob seems to be the only real threat and the party manages to take them all down without too much trouble. We retrieve a blue gem worth 90g, a potion of healing and a Cloak of Resistance.

The party ventures downstairs; in this room there are some mysterious stone slabs which seem to be one piece. There is a terrible smell of rotten meat coming from the next room, and when the doors are opened a noxious green mist can vaguely be seen hugging the floor line. We can just hear the sound of rattling chains, so we send in Jim the rogue to have a look. He is immediately affected by the noxious cloud; retching and gagging. This room appears to be the goblins larder. Dead bodies have been stacked in here and left to rot. Of note are four bodies hanging from hooked chains mounted in the ceiling, which appear to be writhing slightly. The rest of the party sets up an ambush site in the stone slab room, while Riaden approaches the bodies stealthily (well as stealthily as he can anyway).

Once he is in place Riadin centres a burst of flame into the four bodies hanging from the ceiling. Although impressive, the fire doesn’t penetrate the bodies well and the two swarms of rats that rapidly emerge seem unfazed by the attack. It takes a bit of scrambling, but the party eventually gets into position and we conquer the rat swarm and the three dire rats that also emerge from the body piles. Ashar doesn’t fare particularly well, she is wounded a few times and contracts a disease from the foul beasts. Throughout the encounter the DM mournfully describes the sound of the four hanging corpses viciously swaying through the room thanks to the violent exodus of the rat swarms. It appears that not only did we avoid the hideous corpse gas, but also a more physical trap/danger.

Once things have settled down the party enters the corpse room to look for any loot. It appears a pointless messy task, the goblins have been careful to strip their kills; until we come across the dessicated remains of one of the old laboratory staff, hidden amongst the mouldy effects is a small vial of Residuum (100g worth).

It seems Ashar’s disease can only be treated over time. She also requests some time to reflect on the recent events of the last couple of days – she feels after time to reflect she may be able to improve her abilities. So the party decides to rest near the spiral staircase the shotgun toting hob was guarding, after quickly throwing the stench-ridden carcasses down the stairs the party decides to take a break and have a rest. Not requiring sleep, Tick Tock uses the healing skills he learned in the Tempus monastery to treat Ashar’s disease quite effectively. True to her word, after some meditation and a little rest Ashar’s abilities are enhanced, and the party continues onward.

The next room of note is quite large, with many enemies. Fresh from their rest the party rushed to the attack, eager for battle. There are six hobgoblins, 2 more drakes and a goblin shaman. As the battle is joined Riaden slays 5 of the hobgoblins with a single spell, roasting them before they have a chance to properly engage the party. We’re all quite surprised when these drakes take a deep breath and spit gobs of acid at us from across the room. The drakes are surprisingly hardy, when it appears we have the best of them the goblin shaman decides to cut and run. Not wanting to give the enemy spellcaster time to prepare another attack, and possibly bring yet more foes into the skirmish Tick Tock charges after the little nuisance, taking an attack or two from the couple of enemies left standing as he charges past them.

It doesn’t take Tick Tock long to bring the goblin shaman down, resisting the urge to skull the little creep he knocks him unconscious. Unfortunately the goblin has already called out for Sinruth to aid him. Far from the diminutive goblin that Tick Tock was expecting, a giant hobgoblin comes charging into the long, narrow corridor where the goblin was run to ground. Sinruth is a huge hobgoblin, wearing wickedly spiked night black plate armour, and sporting a crude mechanical arm capable of wicked attacks. The battle commences between the two, while the rest of the party mops up the few remaining enemies from the last battle down the hall (about 100 feet or so).

Tick Tock, while not quite holding his own, is at least making a dent when the rest of the party joins the fray. Things get quite crowded in the little corridor and there’s much jostling for flanking positions. Eventually Jim is in position for his backstab, which takes a severe toll on the massive hobgoblin. Sinruth smashes him to the ground, unconscious and turns his attention to the two front line fighters. this turns out to be a fatal mistake when Truceus heals the little halfling, who viciously slays the hobgoblin while his attention is diverted. In a frothing, blood-soaked rage it is many moments before Jim stops stabbing the fallen hobgoblin. A hard fought victory gives good spoils; Sinruth’s Trapjaw Arm, a +1 Rod of Corruption, a set of +1 Black Iron Plate Armour, and a single magical gauntlet.

335 XP per character



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