Clockwork War

PC’s Present:
  • Tick Tock the Paladin (Warforged)
  • Riaden the Wizard (Eladrin)
  • Jim the Rogue (Halfling)
  • Ashar the Swordmage (Genasi)

The party is still exploring the strange Von Kallah Laboratory in the nature world.

The party comes across 5 hobgoblins around a fire made from old furniture. After quickly dispatching them the party continues onward.

The next door reveals a long hallway with two open pits formed by weakened sections in the floor. Two goblins with Repeating Rifles are guarding this corridor. The gaps in the floor are narrow enough to jump easily for the more dexterous party members. The heavily armoured Tick Tock receives some good natured criticism for not braving the jump during the battle, instead resorting to launching his two javelins. The party dispatches the goblins with a reasonable amount of difficulty – the goblins positions make them quite hard to get to. After the battle, Tick Tock again is the subject of some good natured ribbing when he settles down for 5 minutes to remove his armour. Having divested himself of his bulky plate (and placing it in his backpack), he promptly falls through the first gap. Who’s laughing now? (Still the rest of the party)

Somewhat damaged from the 20-25 ft drop Tick Tock looks around the newly “discovered” room. The room below the corridor is very large, moist and musty. Mushrooms cover the room, both small and larger ones the size of a man at least. The floor is squishy and spongey. A growling noise is heard by Tick Tock from the distant corner of the room. He resignedly settles down to put on his armour. The party has arranged a rope to aid the climb down by the time he finishes. The first party member to touch the floor receives quite a shock when they pop one of the mushrooms and a long, loud, piercing squeal echoes from it as it deflates. The noises from the far corner of the room escalate, as the beasts begin to investigate the source of the alarm. The remainder of the party touch down as they are revealed to be two Rage Drakes, a large draconic reptile well known as being a favourite mount of goblins. Some quick experimentation reveals the several different colour of mushrooms have different effects:
  • White – Alarm; deflates when touched emitting a loud long piercing squeal.
  • Brown – Obscuring; when touched bursts into a black cloud, hiding the square from view.
  • Grey – Poison; the spores from this mushroom are poisonous, inflicting ongoing poison damage.
  • Red – Slumber; the party didn’t get to see these in action but the fumes they gave off when punctured from afar made everyone feel sleepy.

The party finds the Rage Drakes quite challenging considering the wounds taken from the previous days events. The party fights this battle with no reserve; unleashing their full power against the horrid reptiles. Eventually they drop both of the fury-driven beasts to the ground. The party barricades themselves into the dark mushroom infested room (there are two exits) and decide to rest and recuperate.

After their rest, the party comes across a curious room. It is scattered with wooden javelins and arrows, all of which are extremely old – they crumble to dust when handled. In the far corner of the room is a magical pentagram enclosed in a glowing cylinder of shimmering power, enclosed in this is the body of a person in heavily decayed robes. The party eventually pieces together the following series of events; A person was safely enclosed in the magic field – a group of people, after attacking conventionally yielded no results, brought the roof down onto the person (the field is not enclosed at the top or bottom). Riaden, using his arcane wisdom is able to temporarily drop the field; the body is retrieved and a magical staff is now noticed amongst the rubble underneath the body.

Riaden identifies the staff as a Staff of Expansion, it is able to increase the area of some of his most lethal spells – there are no objections when Riaden takes the staff as his. Amongst the body is also found the Journal of Von Kallah, probably indicating this mage was Von Kallah himself. It is written in common, and dated in a format unfamiliar to the party (presumed pre-Spellplague). It seems to describe this entire facility being transported into this strange world from Toril. It is presumed this took place during what we call the Spellplague, as it goes on to describe a simultaneous complete and unexpected removal of magic. It also talks about an unfamiliar God of magic, Mystra. It is recalled that Curuvar, back in Loudwater sometimes mentions this name. The term Weave is also mentioned, but no party member present recognizes or can contextualize the term. The journal implies the people here were completely ignorant of the cause or ramifications of the Spellplague, it also seems they were ignorant of the world they were transported into. It is unclear how many people were present in this facility.

It is also noted the presence of the laboratory here supports the Dwarven belief that their homeland, rent from Toril during the Spellplague is still “out there” somewhere waiting to be re-discovered.

The journal describes the attackers of Von Kallah as humanoids possessing elemental properties. Although this description admittedly fits many different beings, the party is ready to assume the beings are the same race as Ashar. The party is careful to leave the body in the pentagram before the field returns, just in case Von Kallah decides he wants to retrieve his staff from beyond the grave. The party continues exploring the facility.

The next unusual room reveals a massive scrying screen, made of glowing blue mist. the scene appears stuck in a loop, it reveals a massive Spire, encrusted with giant magical jewels. The party notes that the Spires location seems to match that of a spot not very far from Loudwater. Some party members suggest going to visit the ancient site for clues of what happened in the past (other members find giant magical gems quite exciting too). The party is almost surprised by 2 Large Ochre Oozes hiding behind shimmering scrying screen, but are alerted in the nick of time. These disgusting gobs of brownish jelly are moderately difficult foes, upon defeating each one it breaks into two smaller oozes. The long lost remains of several poor creatures can be seen inside them, mostly rats nothing of value or use remains.

Hearing signs of life from the next room the party sends in Jim the rogue to scout the way. He finds what appears to be a statuary room, with half a dozen or so alcoves. Just as Jim is about to give the all clear it become clear that they are just the right size to hide a goblin with a Repeater Rifle, the shot whizzes past his ear as the party charges in to battle. The goblin turns and runs, which is not unexpected, but he kicks open a door and hides behind it. Tick Tock urges the party to close the doors, which we eventually manage. Before they are closed it is shown the monsters heading up from below are Magna Claws, horrid stone scorpions dripping with magma. Now that the door is closed, the goblin is brutally and quickly dispatched by the party. The statuary room has been ravaged by time, what little hasn’t been reduced to rubble by the passage of time has been brutally vandalized by the savage goblins.

There is a sound of movement from up ahead. Tick Tock comes up with the idea to re-route the Magna Claws into whatever lies ahead; the party unlocks the doors and skitters out of sight. The Magna Claws take the bait, and sounds of battle are heard from afar. Before proceeding in the direction of the Magna Claws the party decides to venture down into the Magna Claw lair to see if any remain behind to threaten them from the rear.

The Magna Claw lair appears to be an ancient locker room of some sort. It appears as if the goblins had locked the Magna Claws into this room just to get rid of them. They were feeding them however, possibly hoping to use them for something in the future, or perhaps just for sport. The locker room is a dead end, so the party proceeds down the path the Magna Claws took, the sounds of battle have long since ceased.

The party enters a room filled with cobwebs, and are immediately beset upon by two wounded spider-like humanoids, Ettercaps. There are a pair of dead Magna Claws smoking on the ground, along with a fallen Ettercap. Although the spider web-based abilities of the Ettercaps cause the party some problems they don’t have too much trouble dispatching the wounded creatures. The party decides to bed down for the night in the smokey locker room that formerly housed the Magna Claws.

  • 170gp & 200sp total (pre-Spellplague coinage)
  • Von Kallah’s Journal
  • 200g worth of Residuum
  • 2 x Healing Potion (10hp)
  • 6 x Leather Armour
  • 4 x Long Sword
  • 1 x Flail
  • 2 x Repeating Rifle
  • 1 x Magical Staff (of Expansion)
  • 438 XP per player.



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