Clockwork War

Session 12

H1N1 - The Truth Revealed

PC’s Present:

The heroes investigate the city of Evereska. They discover a bizarre new bio-mechanical threat and start to uncover the truth behind the malady affecting the Poor Quarter which is being blamed on The Blot, a mysterious expanding black circle above the city of Evereska.

Following the aftermath of the battle at the corrupted Moraddin shrine, a curious raven is spotted. Not acting as a beast should Truceus confirms that the beast is actually a clockwork machine crafted so carefully that it is almost indistinguishable from a real beast. A disturbing capability which we assume is the work of Thoon. The spy is intelligent enough to recognize it has been spotted and the party is unable to damage the creature before it escapes.

Once the track is clear the party sets off once more for Evereska via the locomotive. Once they arrive the party attempts to contact the local political authority as instructed by Lady Moonfire but are rebuffed with excuses and delays. The local politicians clearly do not value the opinion and/or judgment of their rural regional leaders.

After this set back it is decided that the party should split up to investigate the various areas of the city.




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