Clockwork War

Session 10

Your sword is totally hot!

PC’s Present:

The heroes simultaneously meet the being residing inside Finn’s sword and evade certain death at the hands of the Disciple of Thoon. They bring the sword back to Kalri, who entreats Ashar to take up the blade for the good of all. Torvan ir’Narvon is finally returned to Loudwater. On the way to Evereska their train is ambushed by orcs.

Outside the dragon lair the heroes once again meet the Dark Skinned Elf, Disciple of Thoon. He attempts to convince them the Prime core is only worth 1000gold and when that doesn’t work he decides to kill the party and take the Core. He is doing a rather good job of it in the the round or so until Ashar draws Finn’s Sword. The sword shoots into the air and 6 seconds later, Komar – a female Fire Archon who apparently dwells in the sword appears. She instructs us to flee, which we do. Although the dark elf is a very formidable opponent it is worth noting that just before we flee Truceus actually manages to immobilize him for a few rounds with a command spell.

The party flees through the woods, it is a long time before Finn’s sword slams into the ground in front of us. The voice of Komar assures us the dark elf has been defeated “for now”. Now that things have calmed down a bit the group makes its way back to the Cursed Tree to pick up Torvan. On the way they check out the site of the portal with the Dragonforged. Although the portal is still deactivated there are signs the dark elf passed through here, leading us to believe that he does not require a fixed portal for dimensional travel.

With Torvan in tow the group makes it’s way to the Genasi village to return the sword. Upon learning that the party has slain Caustrex and retrieved Finn’s Sword the joyous villagers hail them (even Tick Tock) as heroes. The party has a long talk with Kalri, the main focus is the sword and what should become of it. The Archon Komar also enters the discussion. It is eventually decided that Ashar will take up the sword and Finn’s aborted quest. Kalri at least believes the fate of both worlds may be saved by our actions.

The heroes return to Toril through the red flower portal and make their way to Loudwater. They are greeted by Captain Harryleaf who is relieved to see them back. He is particularly relieved to see Ashar who he seems to treat as a daughter. Harryleaf greets the story with skepticism, mainly it appears to save face with Ashar as she has learnt a lot more of her race than he obviously thought possible. The Captain is all too happy to buy the dozen or so advanced Clockwork Rifles from the party however. He warns of some trouble in Evereska, apparently there is a Black Blot that has appeared in the sky there, which is causing mages from throughout Toril to flock there to study the strange phenomenon. The party knows the Dragonborn are operating in the area – this activity does not bode well.

Next the “heroes of Loudwater” go to see Lady Moonfire. After hearing their long tale and admiring the trophies of Caustrex’ demise she rewards them for rescuing Torvan and charges them with investigating the Evereska disturbance. She offers the party train tickets to Evereska as part of their mission. Before leaving Torvan fits a pair of Dragonforged wings to Tick Tock that he retrieved from the Feywild – it is believed these will allow him to glide similar to the Dragonborn do. And although Torvan is unable to repair the gatling gun retrieved by Tick Tock, Bigby is able to fix it using magic.

The train ride starts out generally pleasant for all. The ever curious Truceus expresses a desire to see the engine, while Ashar decides she will bribe Tick Tock to offer labour in exchange for Truceus’ tour. One curious gentleman is from an Evereskan establishment called the Golden Goblin. He apparently is offering a massive diamond in some sort of contest in Evereska – he keeps handing out leaflets throughout the train passengers.

On the fourth day, as the trip draws to an end – with Evereska almost in sight the train is attacked by orcs and harpies. The nasty beasts have blocked the tracks with a landslide. The orcs rappel down the cliff face, while the harpies use a charming song to stupefy the weak willed townies off the cliff. Scores of passengers die during the pitched battle that followed. This battle is quite hard for the party, they are separated by the length of the train as the fight commenced – it takes quite a lot of work to rejoin the two groups. Eventually the thieves are beaten back, they had managed to retrieve quite a lot of loot however. it is decided that they should be pursued.



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